Weak Recovery

I’m a commuter. I take the bus. So I notice graffiti, billboards, and other random stuff that’s sprinkled along my route. I will also notice when people do embarrassing things, like trip, or their skirt blows up as they’re standing on the side of the road, etc. It’s like Big Brother with no dialogue and no one wins anything.

However on occasion you witness a gem or you overhear something so perfect from someone’s personal conversation that you feel super awesome for having been apart of it for 5 seconds.

I had one of these days. I saw this billboard one day on my way to work and it’s not a stationary billboard so when another bus passes by, or if flickers to another ad, you don’t always get the best timing to write it down or whatever. Anyway. The other day the ad came back on and I jotted it to myself because it was like, Jesus was Z-Snapping me in the midst of my thoughts.

Just marinate on that picture for a minute.



Anyway the ad was for Cohn Reznick and the caption said “Don’t Blame Uncertainty for a Weak Recovery”. Now we could pretend that I have any skills when it comes to Math, Economics, what have you. But if we’re real here just know that I still cannot properly stick to a budget, I get sweaty palms when there isn’t a calculator, and when I worked a register at a deli back in the day and someone changed their mind by giving me a 20 or something instead of whatever crap they originally handled me..my mind flatlines. I do not possess that kind of skill.

So quick spoiler on my life as to why I enjoyed reading this. I feel most days like my life is over. I have no idea what I am doing with my life, why I am in the job that I am, why I cannot meet a mentally stable eligible bachelor, why I am getting no where with any of my bills, why why why. I won’t bore you. You get the picture. So most of the time as emo/Myspace/LiveJournal/poetry club as this sounds I feel like I am attending my own funeral. Daily. Like there’s people who are half my age who have inventions, there are infants on Pinterest who have more swag in their OOTDs that I’ve had in my entire life. No in all seriousness though, especially living around and working in NYC you feel remedial at best in any social circle because everyone is working on the best thing ever. Or has awesome jobs or magical Instagram adventures, and you’re just under your covers eating Cheetos and watching I dunno…Hallmark Christmas movies.

So anyway I saw this billboard and I was like. Awesome. I can feel momentarily like my life isn’t a total wash because even though I’ve been through some horrendous things, and continue to doggie paddle pathetically in the rapids of life..perhaps things aren’t THAT BAD in the grand scheme of things. My 20s? Sure..pure shitshow. But we could be on the up and up.

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