Friday Inspiration 4.25.14

Friday Inspiration 4.25.14

I love this verse because it’s great in and of itself. God is my strength and my song–how beautiful to think about being so secure that all you want to do is sing..because we’re HAPPY. That surely beats any song by Pharrell. 🙂

When I was reading my new Bible App plan “Hearing from God Each Morning” I was challenged by Joyce Meyer’s words:

“We are all guilty of treating prayer as a last-ditch effort and saying things like, “Well, nothing else is working, so maybe we should pray.” Do you know what that tells me? It tells me that we really do not believe in the power of prayer as we should. We carry burdens we do not need to bear – and life is much harder than it has to be – because we do not realize how powerful prayer is. If we did, we would talk to God and listen to what He says about everything, not as a last resort, but as a first response.”

I enjoy talking to God, so much so that I don’t always think of it per se as “prayer”. I think I “pray” all day. Of course I still enjoy a formal prayer where it is deliberate and intentional, but I value my casual conversations with Him as well. However, I still think it’s natural and human when I am feeling restless about a situation to be discouraged if I can’t solve it immediately. To have to be still and pray and hand it over to God.

I want prayer to always be my first reaction–not worry, not restlessness, but prayer. I want to be powerful in my relationship with Him always and be able to pray with the kind of confidence that Jesus had when he was talking to the Father.

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