Tuesday Inspiration 5.6.14

Tuesday Inspiration 5.6.14

Too often I think we allow ourselves to be labelled by circumstances or the opinions of others. Did you ever notice that is how most people determine their value? I.e. I am a student, I am a Doctor, I am a wife, I am retired, etc etc. However it is important to remember that our God exists outside of time and is the only true measure of our worth. The labels we create for ourselves often restrain ourselves–we are far more than who we see. He knows us greater than anyone. He loves us more than anyone could. He cares for us uniquely.

At times it can be difficult to see ourselves or our lives beyond a human level because our vision is limited. During these moments I hope we can always remember that God goes before us. He has the solutions before we even encounter the problem. He knows the types of people we are transforming into even if we are uncertain who we really are. He is not concerned what people see. He knows what has yet to be seen and what is still to come.

Therefore do not limit yourself or be discouraged by the opinions of others. If God has planted dreams in your heart and desires–he promises to fulfill them. Nothing is impossible with God.

Photo Credit: Found on readingroo.tumblr.com

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