Monday Inspiration 5.19.14

Monday Inspiration 5.19.14

I haven’t complained about my job in a while. Which I’m proud about. I saw this photo online about a month ago and have been saving it. I think it’s a beautiful reminder of what our attitudes should be at work–especially when it is not a job we asked for, feel passionate about, are appreciated for, etc. That is when it is the hardest.

It’s important to remember that God knows what He’s doing. He knew what we were capable of and that while it might seem like a punishment at times, that is not how God operates. What might not be a gift at the time–is something that has yet to be unwrapped and fully revealed. In the unseen we can choose to use our efforts in this season as an offering to God. We should strive to do it with gladness because He is using this time to show us His way and in it we need to be faithful.

Sometimes I think about how prior to this job, my co-worker was the only Christian in the office. She might not have prayed for another Christian to stand alongside her, but when I got the job–a job I didn’t ask for or want–I was a gift from God to her in this situation.

I hope that I continue to grow in whatever way necessary here and do it more with a heart of gladness than a heart of sadness.

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