Light ’em Up

At 9:23 am today I had a vision.

I was thinking about how absolutely wonderful last night’s Sisterhood at Irving Plaza was and how much of a girl crush I have on Holly Wagner now (No shame: lady can dress and lady can preach). Anyway I was thinking about how she said that she was passionate about women around the world standing up and coming into their own. I agree. I’m passionate about women and I’m passionate about being a woman. And then this is what I saw before me.

I saw a hand holding a lit torch. I saw the hand point the torch down to a rope that then caught on fire. The room was black and covered in darkness. The fire ate away the rope slowly until it reached it’s destination. One dark silhouette then exploded in light. Like a spotlight was turned on. It was a woman. The fire continued to another dark spot in the room. Another silhouette exploded in light. It was another woman. And like a chain reaction this happened over and over until the whole room was illuminated and full of women.

And you know what my first thought was? That would make a cool video for Sisterhood. Hahaha. That would be a cool dance number. That would be an awesome visual.

“She rises while it is still night” – Proverbs 31:15 In the midst of darkness we should light the match. We should set off a chain reaction to help all of our sisters light up the night.

For more information about Sisterhood at Hillsong NYC: or


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