Monday Inspiration 6.9.14

Monday Inspiration 6.9.14

This verse in Colossians was wonderful to read. I had quite the commute back from Florida to NYC ahead of me including 3 delays to my original flight time, a delay during take-off, and a delay for our landing. Not to mention a shuttle to take and a bus to finish the way home. On top of it my ride to the airport fell through and I had a hefty cab fare. Might not seem like a lot but I was just not in the mood.

Sitting in the airport I tried to remind myself that it wasn’t going to be the end of the world and I would get home. In a way this verse is a reminder of that. I am firmly rooted in God and I am continually being built up through Him. Therefore no delays, no flights, no set backs of any kind should stop me or sway me. Ultimately I still have a choice in the matter and I can be abounding/overflowing/ in gratitude no matter what.

Whether on the floor of an airport, economy seat, shuttle bus, regular bus, taxi, my bed, my cubicle at work I can choose to be an outpouring of gratitude knowing I am rooted and anchored in something much greater than any mishap I am currently experiencing.

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