Monday Inspiration 6.23.14

Monday Inspiration 6.23.14

On Friday I was laid off from my job. You know what? I haven’t felt sad, or guilty, or any negative feeling since. As a Christian you can often hear things like “the peace that passes all understanding” and feel cynical about it when you go through the hard times. In this situation though, I truly believe it. It would be normal to be worried, to feel sad, to re-hash every action you made at your job and wonder if there was anything you did to deserve it or to worry about how you are going to make ends meet. Instead–I feel weightless. Coming from someone who can be a little bit of an anxiety-ridden control freak this is huge.

In the Power Thoughts devotional it says “God’s Word teaches us to remain stable during every storm of life. The first mistake we often make is listening to the “This is just too hard” lie. Satan is a liar, and he always puts thoughts into our minds that say we are not capable, can’t, won’t, and never will be able to do what God has asked of us. The devil is a glass-half-empty guy, but God always sees the glass as full and overflowing. Choose to adopt GOd’s attitude and be an I-think-I-can-person, instead of an I-think-I-can’t person. If you believe you can remain stable and control your emotions even during times in which it is difficult to do so, you will find God working through your faith and enabling you to do what you believe.” How good is that?

I believe God ordained my lay off. So often I have felt beat down and finally I am set free. He set me free on the very day where His Word told me He specializes in setting people free. On removing them gently and setting them on new ground (Friday Inspiration 6.20.14). I trust Him. My God will supply all my needs.

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