Tuesday Inspiration 6.24.14

be here now

I have been trying to post this all day but WordPress has been giving me trouble with photos today. It’s been a bit discouraging in that way but in other news I had an interview on Monday and I have two more this week. God is good! Even though I don’t know where I am headed I am grateful that He does. I look forward to His provision. The photo had the words “Be Here Now”. So I am choosing to be in the moment with God now and am grateful for His peace while I wait.

Someone had sent me this e-mail last week and I loved it. It is “Flourish” By Malika Cox:

“It is that time of year again, when temperatures rise and the earth is in full bloom. We can enjoy bright blue skies and the heat of the sun. The outdoors is lush and flourishing and we look for reasons to escape the demands and pressures of life, so we can play and enjoy the beautiful days of summer.

It is the season where we feel full permission to remove as many clothes as possible without being arrested, so we can enjoy the kiss of the sun on our skin. Summer is known for passion and intensity and as the heat rises, so can our emotions. This can be for good or bad. Tempers can flare but so can our passion for what our soul truly longs to do.

The heat melts anything that’s frozen in our life. We eat ice cream quickly to avoid the mess, we drink our ice tea before the ice melts and the dreams we’ve left cold and dormant begin to pulse again. We sense that we were made for so much more than the life we are living now.

The season of summer reminds us that we were made for more. We have been fashioned with individual fingerprints and our own unique DNA for a life like no other on the planet. We are here for a reason. We are not insignificant. We were created for a mission.

We were made in the image of a magnificent omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent infinite being. We were made for a close and intimate relationship with our designer. The more we know our manufacturer, the more we will step into the life, the calling, the destiny and the purpose we were made for.

As we invite the God of the universe into our life, we will begin to sense the purpose and plans we were made for. God from the beginning had us in mind. He conceived, designed, fashioned, and formed us for the time and place we are in right now. Everything in our life, whether good or bad, can shape us and mold us into the people we were destined to be.

There was a time when we were without the ability to know God and His purposes for our life. God loves us too much to allow a separation to hinder us from His love and plans. He sent His only begotten son, Jesus, to earth for us. He sent us God incarnate, in bodily form so we could truly know Him. The more we know Him, the more we will know who we are. Jesus walked a perfect life for us, died on the cross for our sins, and was raised from the dead for our justification. Now we are able to receive Jesus’s righteousness. God becomes our Heavenly Father. We are adopted into Heaven’s family and we are instantly children of God.

Now we can spend time with our Heavenly Father in our prayer times, discovering who He is and who we are. We are made in God’s image, so the more we know Him, the more we know ourselves. God delights in revealing who we are and what we were made for. As we spend time with Him we will get glimpses of our future and sense the magnitude of our destiny.

So the dreams we had when we were younger begin to make sense. Our preferences and inclinations are all a part of the design for our life. And as we grow in knowing God we will see that we are made to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. As we begin to spend time in the family of believers we will realize that our destiny is tied to others as well. God weaves our life with others into a beautiful tapestry for His eternal purposes. As we step into everything we are created for we will feel fully alive and fulfilled. Our capacity will enlarge and God will equip us for every good work that He has prepared for us in advance.

With God all things are possible. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can hope, think or ask. So we can relax in knowing that the God of the Universe is ever at work, bringing to pass His plans and purposes for our life; and our part is to believe and receive. We will then be able to effortlessly step into God’s great design and mission for our life.”

Photo Credit: Found on thecowgills.blogspot.com via Pinterest

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