Friday Inspiration 8.8.14



I love this quote because for me it’s rings very true. To get personal I still get creeped out when it comes to the Holy Spirit because no one really talks much about it. More often than not I seem to see the “weird” manifestations of the supposed “spirit” and sometimes you can’t always tell if it’s authentic or not. People barking like dogs for example is not really something I buy into. I don’t think it is in God’s character to make us behave like that. It just makes me uncomfortable to see on say You Tube. I don’t get the point.

I might have told this story before but I specifically remember being a child–maybe between 5-7 years old and my aunt and uncle coming to visit. I vividly remember them wanting me to speak in tongues. I didn’t know what that meant but I remember being on the couch and wondering where my mom was. Now, I believe that it is possible at any age to speak in tongues, but as a young girl I was more than likely mentally responding to this like “uhm you want me to say what now?” as opposed to “awesome that sounds easy”. It just sounded silly to me. Like a baby language. Or like pig latin. Weird babbling. I also remember being frustrated because I didn’t want to fake it and I knew to some degree even as a child that I was disappointing them because I wasn’t learning this language. I wasn’t doing what they wanted me to do. I didn’t know how.

Fast forward to today and they are still skeptical of my salvation because I haven’t been able to speak in tongues. It comes with some strange almost guilt sometimes because you wonder why you can’t and why it’s that big of a deal.

I think if I’m honest a part of me still wonders–why can’t I do this? Right? But then there’s the stubborn part of me that knows in 1 Corinthians 12 that there are many gifts—and not all of them are speaking in tongues—there’s variety.

I think if you mix all of that together it can be hard to really grasp the Holy Spirit. Like you can understand God the Father, you know that Jesus is your gateway to the Father and Heaven, and that since Jesus isn’t back yet–He left us with the Spirit. But other than that for most of my Christian life no one really mentioned Him.

I remember in my Hillsong 40 Day Revival Devotional it said:

Sometimes we forget that the Holy Spirit is the source of our power and find ourselves in a place where our well-intentioned diligence has become striving….empowered by the Holy Spirit the work of Jesus was carried on by ordinary men and women.


It’s important to remember that the Holy Spirit can empower us to do all sorts of things outside of our own human limitations and we don’t have to strive. God is by nature–generous. I don’t have to worry what He will and won’t give me. He knows what I need. And he’s not in a rush.

I think it would be cool one day to speak in tongues to elevate my prayer life but in the meantime while I’m still quasi-creeped out by that, God is a gentleman. The Holy Spirit isn’t a tsunami waiting to tear into me. It’s like a dam. It’s barricaded for now, but it can wait to be unleashed. The most important thing is our relationship with God. Not our relationships with His gifts, or what we can or can’t do.

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