Monday Inspiration 8.18.14


It’s hard as a woman to not be lead by your emotions. Maybe that’s unfair to say–I’m sure men struggle as well. But I’m not a man so I can’t speak from experience. Ha. I think it’s human to get wrapped up in your emotions and what you feel is best or just simply what you want. I’m actually struggling with that right now. Sometimes when you want something that for whatever reason you can’t have, you worry that you’re missing out. But God is a Father of opportunity and we need to remember that there is not a shortage. If we can’t get one thing we want–it’s not like He can’t provide another of equal or greater value. With that being said I think there are two good reminders to take away.

1. If we are lead by your emotions, as we all typically are at one point or another, we need to make sure we are feeling out of a positive place, meaning one of value and assurance of our position with God so we are not acting out of desperation or a desire to fill some void.

“We are to love our neighbors as ourselves. The verse does not tell us how to love ourselves, it assumes we already love ourselves and tells us to love others the same way.” – Good Morning Girls  Devotional


I think the above quote is important because it reminds us first and foremost to love ourselves. The Bible assumes we have that together in order to properly love others. We are to overflow in love and give out of abundance but if we are experiencing a drought and cannot love ourselves–we need to work on that first. 

2. If we are lead by your emotions, we need to make sure we are listening to God’s words and feelings for us and not our own, or anyone else’s. The Father sees us more clearly and more lovingly than anyone else.


“The Father sees you, He wants for you far more than what you can conceive. Don’t miss out on His whispers because you have filled your head and heart with your own words. It is never too late to ask God to begin to clear away the distractions and to focus your heart on knowing His will. It’s in these moments where your ability to help others do the same will develop. After all, you can’t lead people to a place you’ve never been. It’s a simple prayer, but it will change the way you live and the way you lead, forever. Father, today I trade everything for you. My wants, my desires, and the things I’m pursuing. As long as they are desires born of this world, I know they will pale in comparison to your plans for me. Please renew my mind so I can know your will. I desire a life full of You, a life full of knowing You. Father, some of the things I have been yearning after for years have sunk roots deep in my heart. If there is anything that needs removing, I pray you begin that process by filling those spaces with your spirit and align my mind with your will. Clear away all of the distractions so that Your vision for me life with be clear to me. May I begin to hear from Your voice so that my actions and decisions reflect a God who is intimately involed in the details of my life.  Amen.”  – Cataylst Devotional 

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