Wednesday Inspiration 8.20.14

“Holy Spirit, you have been working within me as I first put my faith in Christ, but I confess that there have been places where I have resisted your work. There are corners of my heart where I have been prideful and selfish. I surrender these to You. I trust You, that your will for my life is greater than my own. Restore me, heal me, create anew what has died. I desperately wish to see the fruit of the Spirit in my life and leadership. Do what needs to be done in order that You may produce healthy abundance in me. Amen.” – Catalyst: Devotional

I post this photo and devotional prayer today as a challenge. I know there are many many hopes and dreams that I have let go of while Jesus takes me on the journey I find myself on now. Although there are still moments where I lose hope, ultimately I remember to put it back in God’s hands–something that has fortunately become easier with time.

This photo quote challenges me to make sure that if areas of my life haven’t changed that I must remember to have this attitude and if areas have changed I need to be careful not to ever get comfortable–something that is funny to me because I can’t remember the last time I felt comfortable. But I don’t think that will always be the case. Life is a series of ups and downs.

Takeaways from the photo:

Never sail too close to the shore and never dream too little.

Never be more in love with Earthly life than Eternal life.

Dare more boldly and venture on wilder seas.

The Catalyst quote feels like an odd prayer at the moment because I don’t really feel like there is anything I am holding on to. I’ve let go of the “dream” job I thought I would be doing for a career that I didn’t choose. I’ve let go of my “pride” by doing tasks that don’t always get noticed or make sense to be doing in the first place. I’ve let go over the years of “people” I wanted to still be friends with but who weren’t adding value to my life I’ve let go of “relationships” or interest in people that I wanted to explore a relationship with, and on and on. I don’t say this like “look at my sacrificial living!”..I say this because we all are in a continual process of lightening our load. And sometimes you don’t even realize how much you’ve left behind or continue to leave behind. Things that I enjoyed, even good things like watching shows on tv, or reading for pleasure, or monthly shopping, etc used to be things that I comforted myself with. Nothing was ever out of control but I’ve noticed that I do those things less and less. Now I go first to God–which is good, but sometimes also scary. It’s like hiking up a mountain with a huge survival pack, but realizing in order to get to the top you need to get rid of nearly everything you’re holding on to. You prepared for all sorts of situations i.e. thirst, hunger, illness, whatever and now you are left with yourself. Sometimes I even find myself seeing parts of my life that are 50% alive and 50% dead like…50% I’m still this sickening romantic and 50% I’m concerned I won’t ever find someone and have to be careful not to delve into panic over it. 

I think this is part of the journey in truly following God. You are laying things down and God brings you His blessings. He comes with the provisions–you don’t need to bring your own. And so I pray that though I may be “losing sight of land I will find the stars” because He is the one that created it all.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Inspiration 8.20.14

  1. I loved the photo. Could I please use it? I like it when you said we in the process of continually lightening our load……I identify with that so much. It’s hard but it has to be done.
    May God help us as we trust Him on our journey.

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