Tuesday Inspiration 9.16.14


I’m struggling with feeling lonely lately. It seems like everyone has a tight group of friends and are always doing things and including each other and it’s been getting to me. I simultaneously feel like why is everything so hard and feel like God is giving me the short end of the stick and also feel like God must have something big must be in store in my future if the preparation feels so extensive.

I found this online and thought it was encouraging:

A desert is a dry, barren, isolated, and uncomfortable place.

A place where there is nothing but the hot sun shining above you and the warm sand underneath your feet and not a single person around.

It’s a place where you get thirsty easily and you have limited resources with you.

It’s a place that bring many people into desperation, hopelessness, and despair.

And yet this is the place where God took some of the greatest servants in the world to: Moses, David, John the Baptist, even Jesus spend time alone in a desert.

Far away from society.

Separated from the world.

With no resources and no one to turn to.

No one but God.

Being tested by God and learning to lean on Him alone.

What’s the point of the desert?

It’s quite simple: to be tested and to grow.

It is during the dry seasons of our life when it seems like nothing is happening, no fruit is being produced, that we can grow the most.

It is in the wilderness when you have no one to lean on but God that you are prepared to weather the storms of life as you grow deeper in Christ.

It is during this lonely season of life where that you must face alone that you realize you will never really be alone.

It is in the desert like David that you learn to face bears and lions before you can face your goliath’s.

It is in the desert like Moses where you learn to be humbled before God as you go through the same daily routine of shepherding sheep.

It is in the desert like Jesus that you will be tempted to give up your faith because of your desires and needs.

It is in the desert that the foundation of your faith is build.

When the world looks dry, dreary, and alone and you have nowhere to run but Him.

And it is in the desert that you are prepared for your Promised Land, whatever it may be.

Joseph’s was to be a leader of Egypt in time of famine.

Moses’s was to help free the Israelite slaves.

John the Baptist’s was to prepare the way for Jesus.

Jesus’s was to make a way for us to spend eternity with Him.

Before any of these men could do anything great for God they first had to be tested greatly by God in the desert.

God will take you to the desert too.

Just like He has taken me before.

If you find yourself in a desert place today don’t be discouraged.

God didn’t bring you into it to break you but to strengthen you and grow those roots of faith deeper then they have ever been.

This season of your life that may seem lonely and hopeless at times is the very season that will teach you to stand strong in God knowing that even when nobody is around you He will always be there.

It is the desert season, hard as it is, that can transform the way that you live.

Just like Jesus, David, and Moses you will come out stronger and braver than you’ve ever been.

You’ll be ready to face the trials, storms, and valleys that come your way because you have already learned that you can face anything with Him.

The desert may be a lonely place but it’s also the most character and faith building place you can find yourself in.

You’ll walk out a different person than the person that walked in.

Today, trust God no matter what season you find yourself in, especially if it’s in the desert. He will not only get you through to the other side but also make you stronger than you have ever been.

Know that there is absolutely nothing that you must face alone.

Even when He takes you on the lonely road into the desert, you will walk through it with Him.


So I remind myself today that though I am a sheep in God’s flock—I am also a wolf–independent and on my own journey and because of that there will be times where I have to be alone and other people won’t understand and can’t come with me. I pray that God continue to reveal Himself to me in this season so that no matter how alone I might feel I will find continual comfort knowing He is always with me.

Photo Credit: iwastesomuchtime.com

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