Thursday Inspiration 10.2.14

1383655933525084Don’t believe God is good? Listen to this. My one co-worker is definitely a thorn in my side. We get along but we also collide. He can’t handle stress at all. He often is harsh with how he phrases things or acts i.e. if you make a mistake he’ll often laugh at you directly in your face and loud, or make a harsh comment that anyone would perceive as rude. Today I found out after the fact that I made a mistake with something and it was the kind of thing that I could have easily felt shame over. I’m a perfectionist so it’s often easy to feel guilty or bad about things that are just human error. I didn’t this time. I knew it was an honest mistake and time is there a way for someone to check so no one can ever make this mistake again including myself? He said no because it’s something we should know better than to do. I stood my ground and said yeah maybe you guys all know better but I’m still new at this one aspect where I made the mistake and it’s not a habit for me yet. He cooled down I guess and walked out for a few minutes.

I wasn’t expecting this next part but he actually came back and apologized. Imagine that. Full eye contact and everything. Like got down on one knee next to my desk–no joke–and said it really wasn’t a big deal and that we’ve all done it.

I for one was SHOCKED out how out of character this was. All I can say is God is good.

I texted my mom about it right after it happened because she knows all about this guy from other instances at work and her response was perfect: “See how God makes people treat His Daughter”.

I know 100% His reaction was not only out of character but somehow it was a God thing. He could have been a jerk and never said anything apologetic or realized that although I made an error his reaction was wrong. He should know better. He should be soft. He should realize that I’m not the only one who has done this. Others have. It’s not the end of the world.

All in all–I felt God’s absolute favor. It was like in that moment Heaven stood between me and my co-worker and shielded me. I felt no shame. I knew in that moment who I was. I didn’t slack off and make a mistake. I was human and made that mistake. And even more than that..I was and am and will always be a daughter of God. And God will always make sure to stand up for me. He takes pride in me. And I felt safe that He saw fit on such a small occasion to make sure that I was treated respectfully.

God will ALWAYS protect His children.

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