Monday Inspiration 10.13.14

It’s Monday. You could be facing all sorts of things. You could be studying for a test that you are scared to fail. You could be starting a new job. You could be moving back in your home after a separation in your marriage. Whatever situation you are facing today I want to encourage you to remember why you started. It’s hard to be human sometimes and to feel like you are drowning in confusion and wondering why God would allow pain or suffering into your life.

As annoying honestly as it is to accept sometimes—pain is gain. In our human weakness we don’t want pain. We can get resentful of it. We don’t want to feel it. It’s not…natural to desire suffering. The one verse that gives me encouragement when I go through hard times like this is Isaiah 66:

7-8 “A woman does not give birth before she feels the pain. A woman must feel the pain of childbirth before she can see the boy she gives birth to. Who ever heard of such a thing? In the same way, no one ever saw a new world begin in one day. No one has ever heard of a new nation that began in one day. But when Zion feels the pain, she will give birth to her children. In the same way, I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born.”

God is not sadistic. He does not revel in our suffering. Birth for example is arguably life’s greatest miracle and yet women do not seamlessly endure childbirth. There is blood, sweat, tears, the whole deal, and the strange part is that women are still having children. This temporary pain does not stop them from wanting the child. In the same way we can endure suffering, confusion, and all these feelings with a mustard seed of faith and confidence that it is not forever, and it will result in something new. Something that will make the pain worth it.

Remember why you started.

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