Hiatus 10.16.14 – 10.19.14

Sorry for the silence guys! I was attending the 2014 Hillsong Conference 2014 in New York City. It was 12 hour days and wonderful–albeit exhausting! I can’t wait to share my notes and all from the conference with all of you but in the meantime back to the grind!

I love this scripture because it’s continually challenging. God doesn’t always require BIG faith. In His Word He says that you can have tiny faith, small enough as a mustard seed, and you will be capable of great things. In a way that takes the pressure off right? You don’t always have to be a Wonder Woman of faith or a Superman of faith. But at the same time you can wonder—is my faith smaller than a tiny mustard seed? Do I not believe even that small in a particular circumstance?

Today just remember that God is working with you where you are at…even if your faith is small. Also–if you are facing challenges that seem immovable take a moment to reflect if you need to increase your faith. Maybe you need to take a step forward even though you don’t believe in the outcome. God is there.

Photo Credit: hollylanedesigns.com

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