Monday Inspiration 1.26.15

I found this note in my iPhone from last year. I still have a lot of random thoughts from 2014 in my notes that I haven’t posted about but this one stood out to me. I’m currently in a season where 99% of the time I feel great. I have a job I love, I love my church, I feel the closest to God I ever have, and I’m happy with the little things in life. I’ve been through quite a few dark times, don’t get me wrong, but I’m trying to create as much “storage” during this good time for when the inevitable down times come in life. This means I try very hard to read devotionals each morning in a book, then daily verses in my iPhone, then daily verses in a reading plan in my iPhone, then daily blogging where I also look up scripture. I want to have good habits during this good season to be prepared for when the bad may come.

I don’t remember why I wrote this in my notes but I know that it is true. I have gone through times where I was happy in a relationship, or happy with friends, or whatever the situation was. And you can take God for granted. Like it’s cool God, nothing’s wrong so I don’t need you now. I’ll let you know when something goes wrong. Right?

But I think after this past season of my life where I’ve found myself alone, without strong friendships, with anxiety or stress, or feelings of desperation, hopelessness, etc you discover every day is hard–good or bad, without God. You see, you can grow self-dependent. You are used to going through life and relying on your own abilities to do things, but eventually no matter how good you are—you’re going to burn out and run out of resources. I think as horrific as seasons in my life have been, God knew I needed to go through them in order to realize even in my good habits that I still needed God. I didn’t need myself. I didn’t need friends. I didn’t need a relationship. I needed God.

Now have I perfected these things? No. But am I way better at them because of what God has brought me through? Yes.

Even when we fail to think of Him and fall short, God is THAT good, that He will create opportunities for you to need Him. To remember Him. He knows we are narrow-minded at times and selfish and prone to independence, but He cares enough to show us that He’s still here and we still need Him.

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