Life Happens

It’s been a hard few days. My brother who I’ve mentioned previously is schizophrenic was having a very irritable few days, my mothers side of the family has been trying to make my mother and I feel bad for going to London for a vacation and church trip we have been planning for a year, my father broke a glass bulb throwing it at my mom during a fight, it’s like really? There are times when life can seem to collapse all around you.

It’s important during these times to not allow life to drown you in drama. God is still on the throne. God is still my Father and He has great plans for me. He has great plans for you too.

I pray simply that God keep me strong and also motivated. I pray that I continue to make Him proud. I pray that this year will be better than the last. I pray that my blog will honor Him and encourage you.

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Life Happens

  1. I have never left a comment anywhere before … but felt compelled to say I read “Life Happens” April 14 post. And was truly blessed, I couldn’t stop reading … the entire page. You definitely sound like a writer to me, one with life experiences to share and encourage others with. To God Be The Glory! Thank you for sharing and encouraging me. God bless you! Diana (via Pinterest.}

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