I was on the phone with my mom yesterday as I was commuting to work. Everyone on the bus was very loud and so to focus on what she was saying I closed my eyes. In that moment I got a revelation:

“When you can’t see what’s ahead you have to listen to God more”.

I find that so true. There is so much vying for my attention. Social media, the opinions of others, what society tells you is important, what you think is important, things that you want right now but haven’t happened yet, etc.

It is important to remember that your vision might not be clear, but God’s voice is. You don’t see anything ahead but God does. He saw you before you entered time and humanity, He has seen our entire lives from start to finish, He has probably already seen what we will be doing with Him in Heaven one day. He’s wild like that.

It was a humble thought that centered me in this moment. It’s okay to deprive yourself of one of your senses. In this case sight. I remember hearing once that when one of the senses is diminished i.e. taste, sight, sound–the other senses become stronger and I think this is extremely important when thinking about your relationship with God. At any given time you can feel blind, you can feel deaf, and in these seasons you have a choice. You can be paralyzed by the loss of that sense, or you can hone the other senses, you can improve them. You can use the others to compensate for the loss of the one.

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