Spotlight – Jessica Leigh Poetry

God, the potter.

God is the Master. The master of all things, of all trades.

He is of course, first the carpenter. Making all things durable.

He is also the mechanic, incorporating all the parts necessary to keep things running smoothly.

But mostly when I think of who God is, a familiar image or metaphor comes to mind. And while this has been used very frequently in Christian theology, I believe it is the best, most true example of who God is, and in turn who Christ is.

God is the potter.

We’re all created perfectly by God whose adept hands have given us such life. We’re shaped just as he has made it. A slight curve here, straight parts there. We’re so unique that each stretch of clay that we are cannot be replicated. So God makes us, and we harden into life, fleshy beings composed of skin and muscle and all these complex things, rolled up into a slice of what is called the human being.

And then life rolls in, the world roaring at us, trying to take God, our Creator, out of the equation. And we fall into the arms of the world because it’s so easy to touch, to taste, to see, to hear. We feel too much of what the world gives us, our senses too acute to the pain that would so plainly be called “life”.

So we break. Whether it’s by toppling off the table, being chipped away by cold or heat, scratched by other objects or just worn by days, months, or years, we break. Sometimes we fully break, like I feel I have. The pieces of us are shattered on the floor, fallen from a great height. We literally do not exist so much more in this state. The matter that once was us, cannot be plainly seen. We look like a train wreck, a bloody genocide, a wave of incoherence.

But then this strange, amazing thing happens. We’re lying there, completely destroyed and Jesus is somehow there, always having been there, picking up the pieces of us. Holding our hearts in his hands ever so gently, beginning to put the pieces back on to the table.

And so it begins.

He doesn’t do this process fast. He makes sure that he takes each piece and puts it in its proper place. But within that same vein, he wants you to know what you look like too. He doesn’t want to put you back together without you seeing what he is doing. He wants you to see you. To see you in your fullness. In your exquisite beauty. In your uniqueness. So he takes his time. He takes the time needed for you to see that your deficiency, your brokenness, is only healed by Him – that it is only his hands that will bring you to completeness.

I will not lie. I keep forgetting this. I fall down and break – forgetting that the God I love is so carefully, slowly putting me back together. To a time I cannot even remember. A time in which I was whole and perfect. A time in which I was Holy and all together more beautiful than I am now.

Tonight, I have remembered even in the brokenness of life.

I have remembered God the master of all trades, God the potter.

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