Hillsong Conference 2015

I attended Hillsong Conference in NYC last year and got a lot out of it. But it was also really grueling to commute in and out of the city with my mom and literally be stampeded every day by people running and pushing you out of their way once doors opened to get the closest available seats. I remember towards the end vowing that I didn’t want to go again the next time. It was too much irritation towards the end.

I was at church last Sunday and I felt like God was telling me to go. It’s in NJ in October, and the more I see the highlights from Sydney, the more I want to go.

Despite the annoyance of people pushed around, despite the crowds, and the exhaustion it can be to be with that many people, I feel like I could sit all the way in the back this year and possibly be content just by hearing what God wants to say to me.

One of the highlights from this video says how important it is to hear God’s voice over all other voices: Satan’s, other people’s, your own. And it whacked me over the head. I want to hear God’s voice. We are all given access to His voice but most of us have either never audibly heard it, or have so long ago that it seems like a rarity. I think you can be lead by the Holy Spirit daily, but not everyone hears God’s voice clearly every day or in every season.

So even though I’ve waited until pretty late and didn’t have much savings (eeep to full price) I’m being available for God to speak to me.

I say this to encourage you not to get caught up in annoyances. Sometimes it’s worth dealing with those little pet peeves so you can be there for the main thing.

Here are the Highlights are shared to Hillsong’s YouTube page.

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