Jesscbnyc Recommends: The Drop Box

View Trailer Here

On October 10th I was delighted to see that this movie which I heard about online was finally available on Netflix. Previously it was a limited theatrical release and I found out about it about a year after that happened. Ha!

The entire movie is subtitled, but it is a great documentary about the work that is being done abroad when mothers abandon their unwanted babies. Because there is a lot of shame , unwed mothers often feel desperate to rid themselves of their infant children, and can do so in unsafe ways. This can be leaving them on a stranger’s porch. Placing them near a dumpster. The list goes on. However, a local church constructed a drop box where women could ring a bell and place their child inside a box built into the side of the church. Inside, volunteers would hear the bell and retrieve the baby from the box.

It’s crazy at times to think this would happen and you can see later on in the film that there are people who are against it, thinking everyone will want to give up their child, and people who are trying to avoid many infant deaths by giving women an opportunity to safely turn over their child anonymously.

I would highly recommend this movie if you have access to Netflix.

I’d love to hear your reviews below once you see it!

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