My Heart’s Playlist

Last week or so I was thinking about music. Like, as a teenager if I was emo I would list to sad music. If I was happy I would listen to pop music. If I was angry I would listen to rock music.

I still love certain music, but it is not my heart’s playlist. If that makes sense.

I commute about an hour to and from work on the bus and that is my time to listen to a Hillsong album. I love my church and I love their music and I can usually listen to a whole album or most of it twice a day.

I was thinking a bit about my favorite songs on the album and I thought it might be a fun exercise to look into why my Spirit is enjoying these three songs. Because the Holy Spirit lives inside of us and instructs and encourages us it might be a cool way to see what God might be talking to you about.

  1. Transfiguration
  2. Here with you
  3. Pursue

So to kick off I love Transfiguration. Taya Smith sings like how I imagine I can sing in my dreams. Like literally I sing in my dreams sometimes and I’m like wow Jesus are you going to drop this mega vocal gift on me one day or is this how you actually hear me singing with your heavenly earbuds on? Ha. Am I right?

Transfiguration is beautiful. YouTube:

I love the idea of a burning heart. Sometimes your heart swells and you feel warm when you are happy and worshipping and I love the way the lyrics express that. It reminds me of my journey over the past few years. So many times you can go through darkness and trial and feel like your entire existence and faith is questionable as a result. But God is more real and lovely to me than ever. I want to ever be in awe of Him. The definition if you Google “transfigured” is: transform into something more beautiful or elevated. That’s obviously in reference most obviously in God being made flesh in the person of Jesus but it also speaks to our lives and how we through Jesus are changed but changing still.

Here With You is equally beautiful. YouTube:

“I’ll follow you til the day You call me home” is simple, familiar and amazing. I want to be with Jesus. Some days the world is too much and I long for Heaven. This song reminds me that I was made for that and I will experience eternity with my perfect Father in Heaven. I also quite like the line “Heaven is in me”. That’s a powerful visual to remind yourself of.

Pursue is absolutely wow vocally. YouTube:

“Show me what I don’t know, more of You”–is a wonderful prayer. I want more of God. As I have lost things in life I have gotten even closer to God and I value that more than what I lost. I want this song to be my portion and my prayer. I want it to be my future and promise of what is to come:

Open my eyes
Let me see more of your love
More of your love
Here I will wait
Just for a glimpse of you, God
I’ll wait for you, God

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