12:00 pm Prayer: 2/9/16

I fell off the wagon for a few days but here we go.


Jesus I pray for the souls of my father and ex. You know how to love them better than any human could. I read a great prayer from Britt Nilsson that said:

If I feel distant from You, I feel distant from myself and I feel so needy toward Jeremy. That’s not his burden. He treats me so well. You treat me so well. I just want to be more intentional about being in relationship with You. I want to prioritize our connection, and actually believe that I don’t NEED or OWE anything to Jeremy above You. I need to realize that he is also going to be ok. I need to realize that I really don’t want him to be needy toward me either, as validating as that may feel. I want us to truly live outside of fear and step into peace. I want the times I say I love him as he is to SINK in! I feel like the other night when he read his lists to me that began to happen. But, Father, just like I cant rush his process of receiving love, he cant rush mine. We have to learn to accept our value from YOU before anything can move deeper in that area. The sense of wellness and acceptable-ness and value has to come from You, outside of our relationship to each other, or we will never be able to fully feel safe in our connection. We will feel needy and suspicious and doubtful and that will make us afraid to be apart.

God it was never your intention that we fill the God void in people’s hearts with ourselves. No amount of human love will satisfy the hearts of your children. It is not about seeking this love from another person and then being disappointed. It’s about seeking your love and perfection and being satisfied. Being satisfied enough not to expect that from other people. We’re human. We can’t do it.

Help heal their hearts from past loves or hurts. Help them look only to you and move forward in a health way with you at their right hand. Amen.


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