Walking On Glass

I wanted to write this down the day I awoke from this dream but it’s been very busy for me the past month and I haven’t been able to write anything I’ve wanted to! Apologies on that.

So here we go.

I haven’t had a recognizable “God dream” in a while. But I definitely think that this was one of them.

On one Monday night in March I had a very short dream. I was walking barefoot outside and sort of..taking in my surroundings and enjoying the fresh air and scenery. I was alone but in the distance I saw a small group of people I knew and sat down on a rock. I put my one leg, or rather ankle, on top of my knee, somewhat cross-legged, and saw something shimmering on the sole of my right foot. I began to inspect and realized it was a shard of glass. I pulled it out. I realized there were lots of them, some big and small, some made me bleed, some hurt, some didn’t. And then I woke up.

I reflected on a few things in the Bible and random thoughts and this is what I came up with:

  • Feet shod with the gospel
  • Pilgrimage
  • Exodus 3 barefoot because standing on Holy Ground


Here are some random links Google discovered for me:

I still can’t figure out exactly what I think of it, and was waiting so long to post it, but I don’t want to wait any longer. Would be cool if you had any thoughts on it. If you do, post below!

4 thoughts on “Walking On Glass

  1. some thoughts
    – you were not aware of pain while alone, or while walking – it began to hurt when in company and resting, and you saw a part of yourself usually hidden
    – you were injured by something broken – shattered in fact – which you must have been unaware of or you would have avoided stepping into it
    – these are injuries which must heal, and require rest to do so – if you had carried on walking maybe even the smaller pieces would have worked their way deeper to cause bleeding

  2. Maybe some of your friends are suffering and you need to comfort them? That is a really freaky dream. I would pray for God to open your mind to the answer to what He wants you to learn from it and meditate on scripture – turn the Bible open on your knees and let it fall where it may… begin to read until something stands out. 😉 Thanks for the link, by the way. God bless and may you have comfortable walks with Him – staying the path even when there is suffering along the way. ❤

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