12:00 pm Prayer: 4/6/16

Jesus I lay my weary body at your feet today. I love my job, I love writing my blog, I love working on my 2017 project, I love working on various volunteer efforts, I don’t want any of these things to change as I believe they are all assignments from you.

Please give me the strength to get all of these things done well through your power and not my own.

Show me clearly what needs to be done each day and how to do it best.

I lift up my father and ex’s salvation to you.

I lift up my co-workers’ salvation to you.

I pray that my mom get a job that she likes and will have the desire to write and draw which are two things she never makes time to do.

I pray that there will be supernatural breakthrough in sex trafficking globally today. That you will give many girls a window of time today to run away and find safe haven in their cities and countries. I pray that you will blind the eyes of their captors and traffickers.

Have your way today Jesus. Unleash your grace and power and love to those who don’t know they need it.

In your name I ask these things.


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