Money Money Money

I don’t profess to be an expert in any way when it comes to money.

Growing up my mom was in and out of work. And while my dad held a steady job he wasn’t always the most generous. So in short I learned from my mom that money is sometimes there and sometimes not and from my dad that money is there but that we won’t use it.

Growing up money was something I knew was important but I also knew that I never wanted to be the type of person on the proverbial treadmill chasing financial success at the expense of my own personal sanity and whatever future family I had.

My current financial status is mostly debt. Student loan debt mostly, and a dwindling debt on a credit card from less financially ideal times. All in all, I think I’m ok.

Sometimes though, I can find myself worrying about money again. At present, my mom is employed which is a huge blessing, but she isn’t the best with money, so I am trying to help her manage her bills in conjunction with when she gets paid and how much she gets paid so she doesn’t fall into debt.

We are also hoping to get a leased car for the first time this year because our current used car is on it’s real…last legs. Truly by the grace of God that it’s still driving and a cool 240k miles on that engine. In addition, my mom has needed a new mattress for years, and finally had to throw it out (long story, another post), and our church is going to Israel in April and it’s always been my mom’s dream since she became a Christian in her 20s to go. I would like to go as well, because well, Israel- Jesus – and the experience of being able to share that with people from my church.

On and off this week so far I have found moments where I have been worried. Meaning, I’m almost done with my credit card debt. A huge success that hasn’t been the easiest hurdle. And the thought of having to perhaps, put Israel on my credit card until my mom can pay it in a month or two is…terrifying.

Money. Money. Money. Right?

And yet, I am reminded that God is in control. Not only is He in control, but I am not. That is always something I need to remind myself of. I can do what’s necessary. I can be fiscally responsible all day long, but God is still ultimately the one in control and I need to rest in that.

What do you think? Is this something you struggle with? Are you killing it at the money game or are you trying to figure it out still? Comment below and let me know!

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