Without Rival

I had a somewhat devastating revisitation of some old feelings over the weekend.

I don’t feel it everyday, but REJECTED is still a label I can carry.

The difficult thing is a lot of these things have been worked out over many years. Many prayers, out of body/walking like a zombie days, and many steps towards healing and forgiveness.

So why does this happen?

Sometimes even I can wonder if I’ve made any progress at all when these intense feelings come back into my heart. And yet, I know that I am better than I have every been in my emotional strength and validation through Christ.

But it’s a mind game.

Trust me.

As sad as it was, I am reminded that the proverbial “mat” or “cross” still needs to be picked up daily.

Even though I have made so much progress, the Enemy is allowed to test me if God allows it. I might not like that, but it’s Biblical. Open: Bible See: Job


But sweet friend, no matter what your heart feels, be reminded today that you are so so so so soooooo special. And if you struggle with the feeling of rejection, know that you’re not alone.

And God is funny like that. Saturday night I found myself in somewhat of a sob-fest, and felt the Holy Spirit remind me that I bought a book called “Without Rival”. I decided that out of the mini pile of books on my agenda, that it’s time to open this one. To remind myself I am not rejected but accepted. Not run-of-the-mill but unique. My heart’s cry was for that.

And you know how silly and wonderful God is?

I got an e-mail Monday morning inviting me to join Propel’s next book club…on (drumroll) Without Rival.

The timing is pretty uncanny, huh?

So if you haven’t already, join me in reading what I know will be a heart-changing book. Reminding us that we are without rival and unique.

Double tap if you are looking forward to my quotes and insight from the book!

Tag a friend who is WITHOUT RIVAL!

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