For the past month I’ve been feeling really really tired. Regardless of how long I sleep, regardless of how I try not to over-exert, regardless of the fact that I exercise and drink 100 oz of water a day. It has been perplexing to me.

I wondered the past week if I was feeling a little depressed. This wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. But we all have ups and downs, right?

Yesterday morning I read from the Jesus Calling devotional and it met me, right where I was at, as it has done over the past 5 years that I’ve owned it.

The first paragraph for February 7th’s entry was:

Come to me for rest and refreshment. The journey has been too much for you, and you are bone-weary. Do not be ashamed of your exhaustion. Instead, see it as an opportunity for Me to take charge of your life.

Later on the devotional says weariness comes from the battle against: the world, the flesh, and the devil. I think that’s true because we forget. We think we just need to sleep more, or eat better, or take a step back and while all of these things are true and valid, sometimes it’s deeper than that.

If I think about it, I can name at least one thing in each category that can make me weary if I dwell on it:

  • The world: News about unrest in America and the findings at Saydnaya military prison
  • The flesh: The longing to be married and to have a successful career
  • The devil: Dwelling on mistakes in my writing and feeling moments of failure

Rather than allow these things to weigh you down, what are things you can do to recognize your weariness?

Comment below.

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