Bee Real: Sold Out

“Sold Out” – A Project by Texas Tribune⠀



Texas Tribune is doing an amazing job of highlighting the issue of Sex Trafficking through their project called “Sold Out”. According to the website “More than a decade’s worth of initiatives — empty laws and hollow programs — have failed to protect Texas’ most vulnerable youth from being trafficked for sex. Today, The Texas Tribune launches Sold Out — an investigative project that explores how the crusade against sex trafficking in Texas has left child victims behind.”

In this article it addresses the real issue many victims face, where they return to their pimps after being rescued, usually numerous times.

The issue really is that many of these girls feel like they have a bond with their pimps and in a way, can miss the stability and relationship they have with that person. They don’t know much else.

One solution exists: Freedom Place. “Freedom Place, a rare facility that has raised enough private dollars to care for up to 20 of the state’s estimated 80,000 child sex-trafficking victims at any given time.”

I find that astonishing. 20 girls out of 80,000.

But rather than be overwhelmed with the need, I think it’s important to support and grow what exists.

I plan on looking into ways to support them. Will you?

  1. Donation form
  2. Contact form


Is there anything you can do to look for ways to support places like this in your own community?

Comment below.


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