He Chose the Nails – Devo Highlight – Week 2

Video for today:


I had received an e-mail opt in for this study and I wanted to share it with everyone. I will be posting all of the information here and you can choose to follow along with me on WordPress, Instagram, or via my e-mail opt in here: http://eepurl.com/bXG0oL

My thoughts on Session 2: “He Chose to Forgive Us”

  • Nails bring things together that were separated: make things whole
  • Strange to think that Jesus looked at the hands that nailed him to the cross and saw God’s hand
  • Ironic that as a carpenter Jesus worked with wood and was nailed to a wooden cross.


  • Do you think the hand of God was who swung the hammer into Jesus?
  • What part stuck out the most to you?

My biggest takeaway from this was remembering that the love of God kept Jesus on the cross so He could be with us in Heaven forever.

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