SOAP 3.14.17

Good morning!⠀

This morning I had my tea and am ready to dive into a SOAP for you guys.⠀

For those who don’t know, SOAP stands for:⠀


Scripture: James 1:26-27 MSG

Observation: Tearing people down isn’t real religion. It doesn’t please God.

Application: The NIV says that people who can’t keep “tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless”. So many times in life, we can be the victim of criticism and unfortunately some of the ugliest are comments on social media from one Christian to another.

Prayer: God help us all to never use our words to rip apart someone. We are not better than one another. Religion like this will never please you. Instead let us help encourage one another, genuinely caring about their well being, instead of ripping them apart for perceived faults. Ultimately love wins. Looking after orphans wins. Keeping pure from the world’s pollution wins.

Comment below with your O, A, or P!⠀

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