Community Feature – ellyandgrace

One of my new initiatives is to hear from my followers in a way that directly meets them on their journeys.

On Instagram I encourage you to tag your posts with #UnfilteredChristianWomen so I can see what everyone is up to and feature topics that they are currently thinking about or needing feedback on.

My goal will always be to write a blog post each month on a topic from my own heart BUT I also want to make room for another post that same month directly addressing a topic found via Instagram using the community hashtag.

This month I am featuring a post from: @ellyandgrace *

A few days ago I wrote about how it can be hard to deal with critical people (and your inner critic too! ) and some tips I’ve found that help me with that very thing.

Brenna shared with us that her three tips for combating criticism is: prayer, dinner and/or a chat with a friend, and having a group of people that support you.

I thought it was a great point. We should always be prepared for criticism because it can help us be better and it can also be something we need to resist when it’s toxic or unhealthy. So here are my tips for dealing with criticism.

People who criticize me

  1. Take a deep breath – Something I’ve learned. You may want to respond, but it’s extremely easy to react in a bad way if you don’t give it time to air out.
  2. Pray – Ask God if this is based in truth and is something to work on
  3. Study – If they are questioning my beliefs or something I post – see if their criticism is Biblically based or their own prejudice

When I criticize myself

  1. Reflect – Look at the things I have already accomplished. I like to keep lists in my planner’s praise report section or keep a spreadsheet of at-work accomplishments
  2. Pray – Ask God to help me clear my mind
  3. Listen to worship music – When I can’t harness my thoughts, drowning them out with praise and worship music is my go-to

What are your go-tos for battling criticism. Comment below.

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