March Dreams

I don’t often put too much weight on dreams, but I do often remember my dreams.

My bee related dreams are the only ones to date that I 100% believe were from God (here and here).

But the rest are either really silly, scary, or just hard for me to figure out what I should do with them.

I do think though, that your subconscious is really interesting, because so often we can go through our days and not realize that we’re stressed or upset, and when you are asleep I think there is opportunity for things to rise up to your attention.

Now, I’m not entirely sure this is a God dream, I tend to lean more towards, this is my internal condition i.e. stress, depression, anxiety, etc. But I thought it would be interesting to share.

So over the past few months, mainly February and March I have had many teeth losing dreams. I have these at least a few times a year, and if you Google this, it’s supposedly one of the top 5 most common dreams.

However, the past month has been really sort of gross. Meaning the roof of my mouth would need to be reattached, like the roof of a house that was sliding off. Or I would have a huge gaping hole on the roof of my mouth, and it’s been pretty weird to say the least.

Today I was thinking about it and the idea of a cleft palate came to mind. I tried to Google it, as I do, and it seems like there is a correlation between palates and speech and/or hearing.

I wonder if it just means my speech, my words, could be better. My attitude.

What do you think? Has this ever happened to you?

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