Seasonal Refresh

I don’t always remember to take time to fill out the seasonal refreshes inside the Horacio Printing planners, but I’m taking a risk and exposing the pages I have filled out so far.


The first page of the Spring Refresh contains a seasonal prayer and 3 lines to fill out with what you are believing for this season. Sometimes it can be hard to dream big in the midst of a season where you aren’t seeing much, but I think it’s important to stretch and dream bigger. Dream God sized dreams not my sized dreams.

Spring Seasonal Refresh

The second page revolves around Generosity Planning. This is where you make room for more prayer and time and finances. Sometimes we can get lost in what needs to be done and the day to day, but it’s always a good reminder to stop and make sure you aren’t wandering off track.


Generosity Spring Seasonal Refresh


The last page I filled out was the Heart Check page where you are encouraged to be honest with yourself. This page can definitely be a little awkward to fill out depending on what you are going through but it’s still important to be real and release yourself from some bad feelings or emotional burdens.


Heart Spring Seasonal Refresh


Do you have the same planner? If not, feel free to do this exercise on your own.

  1. What can you believe for this season? Pick three.
  2. Who and what can you make time for this season? Prayer-wise, time-wise, and money-wise?
  3. What fears, forgiveness, or emotional burdens do you need to let go of this season?


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