Community Feature – thoughtsbytiffanie

One of my new initiatives is to hear from my followers in a way that directly meets them on their journeys.

On Instagram I encourage you to tag your posts with #unfilteredchristianwomen so I can see what everyone is up to and feature topics that they are currently thinking about or needing feedback on.

My goal will always be to write a blog post each month on a topic from my own heart BUT I also want to make room for another post that same month directly addressing a topic found via Instagram using the community hashtag.

This month I am featuring a post from: @thoughtsbytiffanie *

“He didn’t bring you this far to leave you. He hasn’t freed you from your past and from sin so that you could walk around still bound. No, he came to set you free and give you an abundant life. It doesn’t always look the way we want and sometimes takes longer than we’d like, but you’re not being punished – you’re being protected. You’re not being punished, you’re being prepared. Stay on the course, follow His way, and let the Word be a light for your path when you can’t see what’s next.”

The topic that stuck out to me about what Tiffanie said was “time”. Time is a funny thing when you are a Christian. It’s not always easy to “be of good cheer” or to not “despise these small beginnings” like the Bible instructs us. As believers we can either pretend everything is cool with us all the time and that we never freak out about God’s timing or we can find ourselves in a glass case of emotion like Ron Burgundy.

For me waiting is not really a virtue. Ha! I think it’s a constant struggle and a battle of the mind and heart. Some days it’s simply accepting that I’m not where I want to be in my Instagram following, other times it’s despair from waiting on the Lord to provide for my family or answer a prayer request.

I think Tiffanie’s post is a great reminder that things are not always going to look like we thought they would. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t on the right track.

Comment below with how you can keep yourself grounded and not panic on the course.

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One thought on “Community Feature – thoughtsbytiffanie

  1. Great thoughts, and much wisdom here. It takes a lot of courage to initially step out in faith (every day) into a life of trusting God. How could we do it if we didn’t know He loves us & how do we know it but for His presence in us & in our lives? His love makes all the difference between trust and despair.

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