I wrote an article for Imperishable Beauty about this topic here. And I still find myself in the waiting.

Maybe you find yourself here too. It could be waiting to find the right person. Waiting to get pregnant. Waiting on God to speak to you about something. Waiting for your breakthrough. In many different ways, we are all waiting on something.

For me, it’s a combination. My greatest “wait” at the moment is for a job. I am qualified for the hundred-plus positions I’ve applied for. I have been liked by the several phone interviews I’ve picked up my cell phone for. And yet you wait and wait and wait.

I don’t have a step-by-step God formula for you to follow. If I did, I wouldn’t even charge you anything to get it! Ha! But the fact remains we are all different. We respond to different things in a different way. We have different trials and hopes and likes and dislikes and I would guess what would work for me will probably not work for you.

But in the waiting. I can encourage you, maybe not in the same exact situation, that I am there too. You are not being punished by God. You are not the only one waiting for a breakthrough.

Sending you prayers of hope, and patience, and love.

xo, Jess

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