Community Feature – restfortheweary

One of my new initiatives is to hear from my followers in a way that directly meets them on their journeys.

On Instagram I encourage you to tag your posts with #UnfilteredChristianWomen so I can see what everyone is up to and feature topics that they are currently thinking about or needing feedback on.

My goal will always be to write a blog post each month on a topic from my own heart BUT I also want to make room for another post that same month directly addressing a topic found via Instagram using the community hashtag.

This month I am featuring a post from: @restfortheweary *

“it is OKAY to ask for help when you need it, dear heart. if you’re tired, rest. if you’re hungry, eat. if you’re scared, pray. the Lord is always there.
praying for all of you who are suffering alongside me. “

So many times we can feel like being a Christian is being strong. Being a mentor to other broken people and overall simply being the strong one with unshakeable faith and optimism. But sometimes we need to remember that we were never asked to do life alone. That it’s okay to need rest or to suffer. You aren’t alone and most of the time it’s just the way of the world and not necessarily that you are doing anything to provoke it.

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* Original post here:

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