Keep moving

I have to say this season of unexpected unemployment has been hard. But I’m still trying to keep a record of where I am so one day I can look back with accuracy at what I endured and survived.

I have sent between 200-300 applications since May. I counted last time, but as it grows I feel like there’s no point in tracking it.

I have gone on multi-stage interviews and have been passed on by 9 different companies all of which told me that I was a solid candidate and that everyone on the team liked me.

I was told by 2 companies of those 9 that I would be given a formal offer only to have one, never reply to me or my follow up emails and the other to tell me they changed their mind.

I have another 3 companies that I interviewed with that never replied to me at all to let me know if I moved on to the next phase of interviews.

All in all, the job search has been disappointing, and even depressing. Most days it’s a struggle to keep going, knowing that it is still a possibility – as it has many times before – to get your hopes up in a process that might not end in a job offer.

But I’m hoping one day I can use this as another story of how God made it all work out again.

Please keep me in prayer during this time.

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