Hey guys,

So I know life gets busy and I think it would be nice to send you guys weekly or monthly newsletters so you know if a new post has gone up or if there are any special announcements.

You will now see a pop up that will appear when you come to the site. Feel free to ignore it, but I would love you to enter it, so I can start sending out reminders.

Much love,


Jesscbnyc Announcement

Hey guys,

I’ve been keeping a secret since November and now it’s official! I will be contributing content for Horacio Printing !!!

For those of you who might now know, Horacio Printing makes awesome planners that help you organize your life. Sometimes life can deteriorate your plans and dreams and this planner is crucial to make sure that you are cultivating the calling and dreams in your life.

The good news is I will be blogging here and there so nothing is changing. Feel free to subscribe or keep an eye on on the Horacio Blog here.



Also the planner has been such a huge success that the 2016 version has already sold out!!! But I have some news. There will be a limited re-release of planners for those who missed out on the first run.

Simply go to this link and enter the promo code “preorder” for a 20% off savings!





I saw this notification and it surprised me. I feel like I want to be posting more than I’ve been able to due to craziness at work and sometimes it can feel like I’m letting you guys down.

This post reminds me that I can be settled. Not strive. This has never been about me. It’s been about honoring God and sharing a little bit of my point of view and authenticity in my life’s journey with Jesus.

It just goes to show that even when I feel like I’m not meeting my own expectations that God can still BOOM this humble little page I call a blog and get the most views I’ve ever gotten in the midst of what I sometimes feel is a dry spell.

It’s not a dry spell.

Much love,


A Genuine Thank You

I just wanted to type a big THANK YOU to all my followers. Since I started blogging two years ago I’ve grown in ways I didn’t imagine. Through a season of anxiety, a bad job, and all sorts of emotions, I’ve learned along with you all, that God can do anything. He can help me want to write again. He can prove Himself faithful through His word. He can show me that over the course of two years of posts, what I can learn from Him and share with you.

There have been a few changes along the way, and I’m thankful that you guys are still reading along. I used to do a lot more venting in the beginning. A lot more daily inspirations using pictures from Pinterest. And now I feel like God is preparing me for new things to try on the blog. I want to share with you resources I’ve found helpful, review some things you all might want to try, and most importantly share my journey and ups and downs while listening for Jesus.

Love you guys and looking forward to all the posts to come.



2014 Recap


It’s been a great year. I am so lucky to have so many visitors to my humble little blog and just talk about what God has been doing in my life.

I just wanted to thank you all for encouragement and keeping up with what I’ve been posting!

If there’s any suggestions for posts you’d like to see…please let me know!

God Bless.


For those of you who Pin follow me on Pinterest! I pin fashion, travel, and all sorts of topics that you might enjoy

This is my favorite board for quotes for this site and I am in the process of making a new board for just blog inspirations and existing posts.

Hiatus 4.28.14 – 5.4.14

Hiatus 4.28.14 - 5.4.14

I am sad that I have to take a break from this blog but excited because I am going to London to attend the Colour Conference!

I do not want to incur roaming charges so I will only be using WiFi and I’m not sure I will have consistent service.

If I do I will post as usual, but if I don’t I will be more than happy to carry on–business as usual on Monday 5.5.14!!

Love you all!