Be Still and Know: Be Day 1

Hi guys,

I heard about this three week study by Rebekah Lyons and I thought it was a great idea.

Basically I will share a part of the study and my thoughts but I don’t want to spoil or steal her entire email and repost it here because that would just be weird!!unnamed.png I also want you guys to feel free to follow along too!

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So today I am going to answer Rebekah’s questions so you can get a feel for how the study is, and feel comfortable to answer these questions honestly too.

  1. Is there something specific holding you back from stepping into Christ’s freedom right now? Perhaps risk, fear, doubt, or heartbreak?

Over the years I have struggled to “feel” like I’m enough so I compensate by “doing” enough. I think it will always be a sensitive area of my life that will slowly continually be purged by the Holy Spirit. However, do in part to a struggle in my 20s with anxiety and panic attacks, I think I have learned to let things go more quickly and also to give everything to God in a different way. I feel that my reliance has shifted positively to what He can help me do versus the pressure that can come with feeling like it’s all up to you.

  1. Free people free people. Is there a way you might help someone else discover Christ’s freedom?

I don’t profess to have it all figured out and I am definitely open to being used in new ways by God to help other’s discover their freedom. But speaking from my current experiences only, I have found blogging and leading studies at church very rewarding. When it comes to blogging I can get out my feelings on issues, or talk about what I’ve learned from a mistake, or a revelation I’ve had that I think people will benefit from. And in a similar way when I facilitate the Shine curriculum through my church I can help women to see their value and purpose.

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I really enjoyed the personality of Milt in today’s reading. The devotional talks about how James Robison was confronted by the man cleaning his hotel room. He seemed really concerned with James and could see how he was hurting. Instead of walking through his day, he took action, and asked James to sit down in his hotel room chair so he could pray over him.

I love Milt’s heart.

I also love that we don’t need a Milt, we need God. The spirit intercedes when we don’t have the words to pray for what we need (Romans 8:26).

I think it’s important to remember that if we don’t have a Milt, we can be a Milt for someone.

It’s also important to remember that the Holy Spirit prays for us and through us when we cannot do it ourselves.

There is no need to walk around tormented. We are called to take His yoke, which is much easier than all that we attempt to carry ourselves.