Prayer for Today

Jesus, I still want this year, 2016, to be the year where I become stronger and stronger with my prayers. I declared this year’s word prayer and though I know I’ve gotten better, I’ve also gotten busy.

Today I pray over my mind and heart this week. I’m tired Lord, but you can be my strength.

I pray over my friend who is coming to Colour in NYC next week that she will get a fresh perspective and word from you God. I declare healing over her mind and her heart and that this will be the last year she struggles with addiction.

I lift up all these things to you today God.

Have your way.


12:00 pm Prayer: 4/6/16

Jesus I lay my weary body at your feet today. I love my job, I love writing my blog, I love working on my 2017 project, I love working on various volunteer efforts, I don’t want any of these things to change as I believe they are all assignments from you.

Please give me the strength to get all of these things done well through your power and not my own.

Show me clearly what needs to be done each day and how to do it best.

I lift up my father and ex’s salvation to you.

I lift up my co-workers’ salvation to you.

I pray that my mom get a job that she likes and will have the desire to write and draw which are two things she never makes time to do.

I pray that there will be supernatural breakthrough in sex trafficking globally today. That you will give many girls a window of time today to run away and find safe haven in their cities and countries. I pray that you will blind the eyes of their captors and traffickers.

Have your way today Jesus. Unleash your grace and power and love to those who don’t know they need it.

In your name I ask these things.


12:00 pm Prayer: 4/4/16

Jesus I want to lift up the names of Joanna and DawnChere. These are two women that are dear to me and even more dear to you. I pray that you will fill their wombs this year God. That you will create life where they has not been. I pray that you will show off God. I think it would be wild if you planted twins. I think it would blow them away. You can do immeasurably more than they could ask or I could pray.


Have your way today God. And every day.


Thank you for your goodness.



12:00 pm Prayer: 2/15/16

Hi Jesus,

Thank you for delivering me from a weekend funeral. Thank you that you used me to comfort my extended family.

I lift up my father and my ex to you in this moment.

God I pray that in this moment you will swell their hearts. That unexpectedly they will turn their attention to you and talk to you. It might not feel like a prayer but it will cause a layer of their heart to fall down and take a small step towards you.

God they were yours before they were their parent’s, their friend’s or mine.

Show them that a life is only worth living if it as you in it.


12:00 pm Prayer: 2/9/16

I fell off the wagon for a few days but here we go.


Jesus I pray for the souls of my father and ex. You know how to love them better than any human could. I read a great prayer from Britt Nilsson that said:

If I feel distant from You, I feel distant from myself and I feel so needy toward Jeremy. That’s not his burden. He treats me so well. You treat me so well. I just want to be more intentional about being in relationship with You. I want to prioritize our connection, and actually believe that I don’t NEED or OWE anything to Jeremy above You. I need to realize that he is also going to be ok. I need to realize that I really don’t want him to be needy toward me either, as validating as that may feel. I want us to truly live outside of fear and step into peace. I want the times I say I love him as he is to SINK in! I feel like the other night when he read his lists to me that began to happen. But, Father, just like I cant rush his process of receiving love, he cant rush mine. We have to learn to accept our value from YOU before anything can move deeper in that area. The sense of wellness and acceptable-ness and value has to come from You, outside of our relationship to each other, or we will never be able to fully feel safe in our connection. We will feel needy and suspicious and doubtful and that will make us afraid to be apart.

God it was never your intention that we fill the God void in people’s hearts with ourselves. No amount of human love will satisfy the hearts of your children. It is not about seeking this love from another person and then being disappointed. It’s about seeking your love and perfection and being satisfied. Being satisfied enough not to expect that from other people. We’re human. We can’t do it.

Help heal their hearts from past loves or hurts. Help them look only to you and move forward in a health way with you at their right hand. Amen.


12:00 pm Prayer: 2/3/16

I lift up my dad and ex to you today Jesus. Only you can change a heart. Only you can pursue someone relentlessly.

Draw these men closer to you. Fill them with hope and desire for a life with you centered in it.

May all of their small steps lead in your direction. Make their paths straight.



12:00 pm Prayer: 2/2/16

Jesus, I lift up my ex and my dad to you. They both need to return to you. I know both of them believed in you at one time, or God in general, but they need your daily presence and power in their lives.

I pray that you will overwhelm their dreams with visions of you. I pray that you will flood their hearts with your love and affection for them. I pray that they will become so hungry and thirsty for you that they reach out to friends, neighbors, co-workers, or me, to talk about you. To ask questions. To request prayer. To ask for a book or Bible that will spark a fire in their life that will never burn out. I pray that you will bless them in their work. Bless them in their lives. Bless them in their journey towards you.

May they never be the same because of the prayers I pray on their behalf.

Collect your sons Jesus.



Hey guys,

In case you haven’t been following my first blog post for Horacio Printing was about my word for the year “Prayer”.

Read about it here.

Since the beginning of the year I have set my phone alarm for 12 Noon every day to pray for my ex’s and father’s salvation.

I think I need more accountability since sometimes I feel like it’s too short so I want to start posting them here. That way in times where I feel like I don’t know what to say I can post or read what I’ve done here.

Hope you enjoy!

Jesscbnyc Recommends: All Things New 31-Day Devotional: DAY 1



I really enjoyed the personality of Milt in today’s reading. The devotional talks about how James Robison was confronted by the man cleaning his hotel room. He seemed really concerned with James and could see how he was hurting. Instead of walking through his day, he took action, and asked James to sit down in his hotel room chair so he could pray over him.

I love Milt’s heart.

I also love that we don’t need a Milt, we need God. The spirit intercedes when we don’t have the words to pray for what we need (Romans 8:26).

I think it’s important to remember that if we don’t have a Milt, we can be a Milt for someone.

It’s also important to remember that the Holy Spirit prays for us and through us when we cannot do it ourselves.

There is no need to walk around tormented. We are called to take His yoke, which is much easier than all that we attempt to carry ourselves.