My Children

It’s been a strange end of the summer for me. I have been battling with my anxiety again and feeling very weary. That will probably be a post for another day.

Today I am writing my sponsored children through Compassion again. And it fills me with such joy. To think my small words are traveling to other countries and touching the hearts of these two children is pretty wild. To see their little photos, to see their smiles, their little hands, it’s just too cute.

In the wake of any worry, I can look at their little faces, and feel like, you know what? This matters.

It’s like the song “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”.

The things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. 

Yes is life hard sometimes. Of course. Yes are my struggles valid, probably. Yes, could my anxiety be reigned in a bit better, I’m sure. But sometimes these small sweet reminders of the good things in life, are enough to reset your perspective.