Wednesday Inspiration 8.6.14


1 Chronicles 16:8-19(MSG)

8-19 Thank God! Call out his Name!
    Tell the whole world who he is and what he’s done!
Sing to him! Play songs for him!
    Broadcast all his wonders!
Revel in his holy Name,
    God-seekers, be jubilant!
Study God and his strength,
    seek his presence day and night;
Remember all the wonders he performed,
    the miracles and judgments that came out of his mouth.
Seed of Israel his servant!
    Children of Jacob, his first choice!
He is Godour God;
    wherever you go you come on his judgments and decisions.
He keeps his commitments across thousands
    of generations, the covenant he commanded,
The same one he made with Abraham,
    the very one he swore to Isaac

Today is just a short reflection on the goodness of God and what I aspire to be in my relationship with Him.

1. God has been faithful for thousands of generations. Which is crazy. As humans we accidentally break promises, are forgetful, are selfish, are fickle, etc. And yet God has remained the same. He didn’t get sick of being kind, He didn’t change His mind, He is and was and will forever be the same. We don’t have to worry about Him outgrowing us or leaving us.

2. I aspire to be brave enough/passionate enough to share Jesus..the term “broadcast” is a tall order. I tend to think of broadcast like radio and television. But I googled the term for additional definitions and actually really loved this one: “scatter (seeds) by hand or machine rather than placing in drills or rows.” It immediately brought to mind a very small detail oriented way of planting instead of using machinery or tools that could do it faster. In life–seasons can be slow. But no matter what as we walk through life we are in essence scattering seeds. Picture Hansel and Gretel in the children’s story. They left breadcrumbs to find their way home. Imagine that is what we are doing as Christians in life. We are dropping that others see where we are going. 

3. I want to continue to study God day and night. I want to remain fascinated by Him–intrigued to learn more. Sometimes this means I am awoken in the middle of the night. Sometimes this means I blog. But whatever it is, I want to use any opportunity to grow in who I believe God to be–so He can show me who He really is. 

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