Monday Inspiration 5.26.14

Monday Inspiration 5.26.14

In light of the Memorial Day holiday this picture can have more than one meaning. As an American citizen I should be thankful for those who fought on my behalf. It’s a good time to reflect and be grateful that others went to war in order to defend my freedom. However more often than not–people don’t attend a parade, or thank a Veteran or anything that has to do with the holiday. They live in the benefits of that sacrifice but don’t acknowledge the source.

I think that can be said for Jesus as well. Jesus came to Earth to walk as a man, to suffer as humans suffer, to feel as humans feel, and to die as humans die. He created freedom for us through His death–taking on penalties He did not deserve and yet many people either do not walk in that at all because they choose to not know God or they have been set free but are still living as if they are held back by their past.

Today I challenge us to be grateful for our freedom. Both on an American and Christian level.

I am set free. You are set free. And it’s time to walk boldly in that that.

Photo Credit: Pinterest Via Brittany Mann