Prayer Request

I could really use some prayer. My dad is…less than enjoyable. Has been my whole life really. He has a past of drug and alcohol use and for much of my life my mom has been in and out of work. She has had a few surgeries and has been without work for almost two years. Tonight my parents once again have gotten into a massive fight but this time he said something along the lines of infidelity. Trust me when I say that we would have been gone ages ago if it were not for finances-–I cannot support my mom by paying 100% for an apartment, commuting to work, student loans, and all the other necessary bills. I’m just, once again feeling trapped, and wondering why nothing changes and we’re forced to be in an environment of complete dysfunction and verbal abuse. I know God is always there, but I’m just allowing myself to be vulnerable and say that once again I’m just at wits end. Considering we have so much family no one ever bothers to help–so that’s not a possibility.

Would appreciate some encouragement and prayers on this one.